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Cooperative Education & Internships

The Cooperative Education / Internship program is a learning approach that combines academic studies with a work experience related to your major.  
Through the work experience you develop a personal learning plan to realistically assess your career goals and to improve your skills. Together with your faculty co-op/intern advisor and your employer you will establish learning objectives for the work semester. You will be evaluated by your faculty co-op/intern advisor and your employer supervisor at the end of the semester as to how well you met these objectives and your grade(s) will be assigned accordingly. The credits earned will be applied to your degree and the related work experience will make you more attractive to employers after graduation.
    • Cooperative education and internships are credit-bearing courses offered in many career majors
    • A co-op/internship is required in some majors, optional in others, and is offered for two, three, or four credits, depending on your major.    
    • A cooperative education experience is a paid position with a minimum work requirement of 300 hours. 
    • An internship experience is unpaid with a minimum work requirement of 150 hours.  Internships are available only in select majors.
Basic Eligibility Criteria
  1. Be a full-time or part-time student at County College of Morris matriculated in a major offering co-op or internship credit (not available to "visiting" students)
  2. Have a minimum 2.0 GPA (minimum eligibility... GPA requirement set by academic department)
  3. Have finished the majority of  the coursework in your major and nearing completion of your CCM degree
  4. Your work experience must be concurrent with the semester in which you are registered for the co-op or internship credits
The majors offering Cooperative Education and/or Internships (majors with * also offer internships)
Chemical Technology / Chemistry
Criminal Justice*
Culinary Arts & Sciences
Dance* - Not administered through Career Services.  Please visit the academic office for Dance for more information. 
Early Childhood Development/Education
International Studies (coming soon)
Journalism, Media Studies

The Process
STEP 1: Application (The Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education, Cohen Hall 203)
STEP 2: Approval for participation in cooperative education/internship (Faculty Co-op/Intern Advisor)
STEP 3: Resume assistance, referrals and interviews (The Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education)
STEP 4: Registration for co-op/intern credits (The Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education)
STEP 5: Meet with advisor (Faculty Co-op/Intern Advisor)
STEP 6: Begin the work experience  
How Can I Benefit from a Co-op/Intern Experience?  
Participation in co-op/internship presents the opportunity to expand your learning beyond the classroom. Through such a work experience you will have a chance to make more informed career decisions, apply new skills and experiences to classroom instruction, gain academic credit toward graduation, earn a salary to help defray educational expenses (co-op), enhance your resume, references and work experience, develop professional, technical, and human relations skills, use specialized facilities and equipment on the job, and gain self confidence, maturity and judgment.  

The many benefits offered by co-op/intern experiences also provide you with an all-important competitive edge in the job market. National statistics indicate that 80% of students who participate in such work experiences are offered permanent employment by their co-op/intern employers upon graduation; former CCM co-op students/interns report similar placement success.  

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