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Information Technologies Department

Nancy BinowskiThe CCM Department of Information Technologies is a dynamic place to be! Information Technology fields are exploding in job market. Today IT is weaved into the fundamental fabric of everything and demand for IT graduates outstrip the supply. Join us in becoming a member of this exciting field, and enjoy its rewards and change the world!

Variety of Disciplines. The Department of Information Technologies houses several different disciplines. We offer Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Science degrees and several Career Certificates. Our degrees are designed to be completed in 2 years while our certificates can be completed in a year or less. We offer classes during the day and night, in-person and on-line, and in full16-week semesters and some accelerated early and late 8-week courses for the convenience of our students.

Degree Options. There are seven degree choices in the IT Department. Articulation with several area universities and colleges is available for those students wishing to continue their education.
  • The Computer Science AS degree (2500) is for those students interested in transferring to a bachelor-level computer science program and provides a foundation in computer science, programming and design.
  • The Information Technology AAS degree (3525) is designed for individuals interested in working in the IT field as a network or system administrator, security or forensic analyst, database administrator, help-desk support professional, and web or app development. The curriculum is designed to map to industry certifications such as compTIA’s A+, Network+, and Security+.
  • The Game Development AAS degree (3504) attracts those students who wish to learn the techniques and skills required by entertainment game developers.
  • The Digital Media Technology AAS degree (3530) degree gives the student a solid foundation in multimedia development including audio and video capture and editing, and website development using the latest equipment and software. Students select an area of concentration that appeals to them; these include web design, game design, mobile app design, broadcasting, graphic design, music, photography, and journalism.
  • The Technical Studies in Information Technology AAS (3510) degree provides an avenue for the student who has gained life experience through working in the computer industry, through attaining computer-industry certifications, through participating in corporate training workshops, etc. to earn college credit toward a degree.


Certificate of Achievements. Our career certificates meet the needs of those individuals who may need training or updating in specific skill areas. These include: Web Development, Information Security, Computer Software Application, Media Technology, and Administrative Support.
Great Job Prospects. Here is what is being said about IT-related careers.
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that computing will have 1,240,100 job openings by 2022 and that the growth rate of job opportunities is much faster than average for all occupations. For example, it projects a 22.8 percent employment growth for software developers between 2012 and 2022.

US News & World Report1 ranks the following IT-related careers in their top 25 Best Jobs of 2015:

3 – Software Developer
7 – Computer System Analyst
8 – Information Security Analyst
11- Web Developer
21-IT Manager
No experience necessary! The IT field is about solving problems - big and small. It's a creative and collaborative process in which you use your technological skills to work with others to help people and business answer questions, promote ideas and create new innovations. You don't need any prior experience programming or working with computers and you don't need to be a genius! While it's helpful to have a strong math background, it is not required for all computing disciplines. We especially welcome and support our female students in this traditionally male-dominated field and encourage them to take advantage of the exciting opportunities that this field of study offers.

Exemplary Instruction. We recruit, retain and support dynamic, high-quality instructors who have relevant industry experience.  Our dedicated faculty is student-focused and employs techniques to engage students of all backgrounds and learning styles.

Trendsetting, Relevant and Rigorous Curricula. We strive to offer leading edge curricula infused with the latest technology. We are one of the few NJ colleges to offer a wide array of courses in Information Security including Network Security and Digital Forensics. We are a certifying institution for the NSTISSI Standard 4011 - the Federal Standard for Security Professionals, the only NJ community college in NJ to hold this designation. In addition we offer mobile app development, advanced web programming and game design and development courses. These are just a few of the new courses that have been built upon our foundational courses in computer science, information science and technology and media technology.
Small and Modern Technologically-Equipped Classrooms. All IT classes are taught in classrooms equipped with computers for every student which permits hands-on, active learning environments for instruction and learning. Classrooms hold at most 20 students allowing instructors to provide individual attention. Computing equipment is replaced on a regular basis and software and networks are maintained regularly to ensure that our students are using and learning the latest technology. We make use of modern instructional technology such as smart boards, multiple projection screens and document cameras, Apple iPads, Android tablets, and video and photography equipment. We have both Windows and MacOS laboratories to expose our students to different platforms. A general purpose laboratory is reserved for IT students to use outside of class for homework and teamwork assignments and provides access to high-end software that is used in instruction.

We want you to succeed! The department offers free tutoring services by IT student peers in addition to the extensive tutoring services available for writing, math and science courses. Student academic advisement is important to you and to us. All of our IT professors are available for academic planning and career advice.

Extra-curricular activities and opportunities. Student clubs include the Cyber Security Club whose mission is to spread cyber security awareness and compete in cyber security competitions. Our Student Electronic Gaming Organization is for our gaming enthusiasts and hosts game competitions. The Women in STEM Club provides informative and motivating programs for our female computing students. We also have student mobile app development teams which work alongside faculty to create apps for CCM departments. We host career seminars and work to engage the larger community in special programs like the Hour of Code event held in December. Many students also take advantage of internship programs which provide them relevant work experience along with course credits.

Hour of CodeCommunication is key! We use social media outlets to connect with our students and share academic information, internship and job opportunities, and relevant information technology news. Like us or follow us on our social media feeds listed on the left. We also have a faculty and student created mobile app that you can also download to own your own "IT Department in your pocket".

Join us on this exciting adventure and pursue the promises and possibilities offered in Information Technology! Help us make a difference in the world of tomorrow. Let us know how we can help you take the next big step.

Please contact the IT Department for more information.
Nancy Binowski
Chairperson, Department of Information Technologies
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1 Graves, Jada A., and Laura McMullen. "The 25 Best Jobs of 2015 - US News." US News RSS. US News & World Report, 13 Jan. 2015. Web. 08 Mar. 2015. 
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