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Division of Liberal Arts

Keith SmithWelcome to the Liberal Arts Division at County College of Morris. The Liberal Arts is where Shakespeare, Plato, Sigmund Freud, Emily Dickinson, Picasso, Margaret Mead, Beethoven, Edward R. Murrow, and Marshall Mcluhan all reside. These luminaries come to life in the courses offered within the eight diverse and stimulating departments under this division. The English Department houses philosophy, literature, poetry, and drama.

The Department of Communication not only challenges students to create and interpret effective messages in the global information economy, but also includes the Journalism, Media Studies and Broadcasting programs. In the History, and Political Science Department the course offerings chronicle the range of significant human events and political structures. The Languages and ESL Department presents the opportunity to learn and speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and American Sign Language. In the Music Department and Performing Arts, you will find the excitement of a Broadway musical and the challenge of mastering a musical instrument like the guitar or your voice. Through the Psychology and Education Department, you can explore the human mind and behavior and discover the techniques of effective teaching. In the Sociology, Anthropology and Human Services Department you can investigate the variety of communities that populate the planet and learn how you might be of service to them. In the Visual Arts Department, you can express your creative self through photography, graphic design, painting, sculpture, ceramics, interior/fashion/industrial design and architecture.

Yours in Connecting Learning and Life,
Professor Keith Smith
Dean of Liberal Arts Division