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Placement Testing

Accuplacer Basic Skills Testing

County College of Morris requires that most students take the Accuplacer Placement Test, which will assist you and your advisor in course selection. Your admissions acceptance letter will give you official notification of any placement tests you must take (see bottom of acceptance letter for information).  See Exemptions to determine whether you may be exempt from the test.  If you must take the placement test, be sure to submit your Application for Admission.  You must wait to receive your acceptance letter before calling the Testing Center (click here to visit the Testing Center page) at (973) 328-5166 to schedule your test time.
To schedule your placement exams online, please click here.

Who must take the Accuplacer Basic Skills Testing?

  • If you intend to matriculate (pursue an associate's degree or academic program certificate), you must take the Accuplacer Test, unless you meet the exemptions listed below.

  • Non-matriculated students must take the placement test prior to registering for any courses that require English and Math prerequisites unless they have completed the necessary course prerequisites or met the exemptions listed below.

  • If you are pursuing a major that requires a higher level of mathematics competency               
    (Engineering Science, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Biotechnology, Chemical Technology, Environmental Science, Computer Science and Game Development), you must take the College Level Math (CLM) test.

  • If English is not your native language, you must take the Levels of English Proficiency (LOEP) test.

For sample questions and testing hours, click here.



Who is exempt from taking the Accuplacer Basic Skills Test?

You do not need to take the test:

  1. If you scored 530 for Math and 540 for Critical reading on the SAT.   However, you may be required to take a college level math placement test if you enroll in a particular major that requires a high level of math competency.

  2. If you scored 23 for Math and 23 for English on the ACT. However, you may be required to take a college level math placement test if you enroll in a particular major that requires a high level of math competency (see majors listed above).

  3. If you have earned credit for college level English Composition and Mathematics courses or have completed developmental courses at another regionally accredited college. 

  4. If you have taken placement tests at another college.  Results should be sent to the Testing Office for review and acceptance.

All test scores and courses taken at previous institutions must be less than 7 years old to qualify for an exemption.

Proof of these exceptions
must be presented when you register.  A copy of a transcript or grade report is sufficient and must be provided prior to registering.