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Registration Information

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Fall 2014
Semester Start Date: August 28
Semester End Date: December 17
Online Registration Ends: August 27
Payment Due Date: August 7
Priority Delete: August 21 at midnight
Textbooks on Sale: August 18
New for Fall 2014:
Registering for On Line Courses -
Please note that all online classes must be added to your schedule the
day prior to the start of the term - no exceptions can be made.
Registering for all other CoursesYou will be able to add a class to your schedule provided that the class has not yet met. Once a class has been in session, you will not be able to add it to your schedule.

Mini Terms
CCM has added mini terms to the College calendar! They are coded as follows:
14/08 - meets for 16 weeks Aug. 28 - Dec. 17
14FA2W - meets for 2 weeks Aug. 28 - Sept. 11
14FA8E - meets the first 8 weeks of the term Aug. 28 - Oct. 22
14FA5E - meets the first 5 weeks of the term Aug. 28 - Oct. 1
14FA14 - meets for 14 weeks Sept. 11 - Dec. 17
14FA10 - meets for 10 weeks Oct. 2- Dec. 17
14FA8L - meets the last 8 weeks of the term Oct. 23 - Dec. 17


  • Click here for information on Paying your bill and Refund Calculation Dates   
  • Click here for the Academic Calendar 

Registration Information

Visiting Students please click here for more information regarding registration.

Please note that payment is due upon registration.
Current/Returning/Continuing Students must meet with an Academic Advisor for registration clearance.  Advisor information is available by clicking here.
New Students will receive advisement/registration information in the mail.  Additional important information for new students is available by clicking here.
Visiting Students please click here for more information regarding registration.


Before your register on-line:

  • Know your user name (lastname.firstname) - maximum 17 characters.
  • Know your password - your password is automatically set to "ccm" and your student ID number (e.g., ccm1234567). We strongly encourage you to change the automatically generated password immediately. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters long.
  • Make sure you get your advisement clearance if you are a full-time student. Some programs require advisement clearance for part-time students. Visit Academic Advisement for specific information on how to gain clearance.
  • Go to and follow log-in instructions.

Students will not receive a bill in the mail.

CCM is going green! Students may go to Web Advisor to view their account balance and print their bill.  The information is located on the main menu under "Bill/What's My Balance?"