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Reverse Transfer Information

Transfer Credit Policy: Previous college transcripts when received in sealed envelopes will be reviewed and evaluated for transfer of credit.  Per the Comprehensive State-Wide Transfer Agreement, “All decisions made with respect to the transfer process shall be based on the principle of equivalence of expectations requirements for native and transfer students.”  Upon individual review, in special circumstances a transfer of credits may be accepted from non-accredited institutions and through other forms of post-secondary education.  Transfer students must complete at least 30 credits at the County College of Morris to earn a degree, or 15 credits to earn a certificate.  Credits received at other institutions are not used to compute the accumulated grade point average at the County College of Morris.  After the applicant has been matriculated, and with respect to the student’s academic program, the Records and Registration Office will notify the student in writing what credits have been accepted for transfer via their CCM email accountCredits that have been earned seven or more years ago may need to be repeated. Students should obtain advisement from the Academic Department regarding expiration of pre-requisites taken more than seven years ago.

Reverse Transfer Policy: Matriculated students who complete a minimum of 30 credits at CCM and transfer to another accredited college or university are eligible to have future credits earned at the institution to which they transfer apply towards the completion of their declared CCM associate degree. Students must have completed at least half of their credits from their major at CCM. The reverse credit transfer may be arranged by the student requesting that the transcript be sent for the first two consecutive terms of enrollment at the college/university to CCM. The reverse credit transfer may also be arranged by CCM through formal agreements with select colleges and universities. Students may have seven years from the date of their transfer to take advantage of this policy.


1.       Complete the Reverse Transfer Agreement Transcript Request Form and bring it to your home school’s Registrar’s Office to request your home school transcript be sent to CCM’s Records and Registration Office – attach this form to your transcript

2.       Once we receive your transcript, CCM will evaluate your courses to see if you are eligible to earn an Associate’s degree (your declared major at the time you left CCM)

3.       You will be notified of the evaluation outcome via email to your home school email address

4.       If you are eligible to receive your Associates degree a graduation application will be scanned to your home school email address

5.       Once your graduation fee is paid you will be flagged for CCM’s next eligible conferral date

6.       Click Graduation Information for more information or visit our web page at www.ccm.edu

 Why should you be interested in reverse transfer?

1.       Shows future employers your ability to complete things you started

2.       Receive recognition and credentialing for all of the time and effort you spent at CCM

3.       List multiple degrees on your resumé


1.       Am I guaranteed a degree from CCM?

No, sending your transcript to CCM does not guarantee the granting of a degree. The courses you take at your four year institution will be evaluated by CCM’s Records and Registration Office. CCM will determine the conferral of an associate’s degree.

 2.       How much does reverse transfer cost?

There may be a few costs associated with reverse transfer, however CCM does not charge you for the reverse transfer process.  Your transfer institution might charge you a transcript request fee and CCM will charge you a graduation fee.

 3.       Can I participate in CCM’s commencement ceremony?

Absolutely! Earning a degree is a major accomplishment and should be celebrated! CCM has three conferral dates (August, January, and May) and one commencement ceremony held in May. Once you have paid the graduation fee and have been cleared for graduation, you will receive information about the ceremony via email.