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Health Insurance Change for Students

Proof of Insurance Is No Longer Required – Posted 8/15/13

Effective with the 2013 Fall Semester, County College of Morris (CCM) is no longer mandated by law to require students to provide proof of health insurance or require students to purchase health insurance through the college if they cannot prove they have health insurance. This change is the result of the federal Affordable Care Act and the New Jersey State Student Health Insurance Bill.

As a result, CCM no longer will be assessing the previously mandated $93 health insurance fee. That fee has been removed from student bills. Anyone who paid that fee will have that amount refunded. Students, however, will continue to be assessed the $16 accident insurance fee.

Because having health insurance is critical for maintaining health and well-being while pursuing a higher education, students should be aware of their health insurance options.

While CCM no longer will provide students with access to a group health insurance plan, it is offering information about various individual health insurance markets so students can shop for plans based upon individual needs and financial resources. In particular, students are encouraged to visit the following two websites to learn about
their health insurance options. 

These sites offer information about available health insurance plans, premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket
costs, and Medicaid options to cover individuals making under $14,400 a year. In addition, they also explain the parameters for students to stay on their parents’ health plans up to the age of 31. Additionally, information is provided on the national call center where students can connect with knowledgeable people who will assist them with the health insurance enrollment process.