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CCM President Shares Fulbright Experience Through Blog

Dr. Edward J. Yaw Offers Insights from His Trip to Russia - Posted 4/18/13
As a long-time supporter of international educational exchanges, Dr. Edward J. Yaw, president of County College of Morris (CCM), was understandably excited to have the opportunity to travel to Russia on a Fulbright Scholar Grant to take part in a Community College Administrators Seminar (CCAS).

In keeping with one of the themes of the program – sharing ideas – Yaw wanted to make sure he also could expose others to his experience. To accomplish that, he set up a blog to document his travels for those both inside and outside of the CCM community. The blog, found at http://ccmfulbright.wordpress.com/, is full of photos, anecdotes and insights from his trip that spanned from April 3 to April 16.

“I knew I was going to come across people, ideas and images that so many back home would enjoy if they had the chance, so I wanted to share as much as I could,” says Yaw. “Here I was with this great opportunity and sharing is a very important part of what the CCAS is all about. I hope others are able to take something away from what I was able to post in the blog.”

Yaw was one of only five community college administrators selected nationwide to participate in this spring’s Fulbright CCAS program. As a participant, he spent two weeks meeting with higher education and other officials in Kazan and Moscow and sharing ideas and insights about professional education, workforce development and the performing arts.

This year also marked the 40th anniversary of Fulbright in Russia. A two-day conference celebrating the occasion was just one of the many events Yaw documented in the blog. He was also able to share his trip to Raifa Mother of God Monastery, a breathtaking religious destination for Russian Orthodox Christians.

In addition to his blog, Yaw plans to share his experience with CCM students, faculty and with other college administrators and trustees through his participation in the American Association of Community Colleges, the American Association of Community College Trustees and other organizations.

“It was an absolute honor to take part in such a prestigious program, interact with such wonderful people and take in such beautiful sites,” says Yaw.