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Student Government Association to Film Viral Campus “Lip-Dub” Video

A Mash-Up of Lip Synching, Audio Dubbing and More
Are you part of a student group or an awesome major, or tight friends or even some alter ego no one knows about? Then, you’ll want to join the shoot for the County College of Morris (CCM) Lip-Dub!

Online video has made up a vast market in the realm of viral Internet trends, memes and other artistic channels for amusement. You’re probably already familiar with what a lip-dub is — a music video mash-up of lip synching, audio dubbing and dancing done in a single continuous shot with numerous participants. We thought that the “cool” factor of lip-dubs came to an end sometime around the end of 2008. However, we were wrong!

On Tuesday, April 24, at 12 p.m., CCM’s Student Government Association (SGA) will "host the first viral “Lip-Dub” video at the college. There will be two dress rehearsals before the actual filming date. The first rehearsal is on April 10 during college hour from 12:30-2 p.m. and another on April 17 at the same time. On April 24, everyone will meet in the Student Community Center, Room SCC 233, and then make their way outside to carry out the lip-dub video.

“Basically, we have a detailed layout,” says Anthony Scandariato of Randolph, SGA president. “Once everyone is together, we’ll tell you what needs to be done and what role you could fulfill. The results of this video will not only be awesome, but it’ll say a lot about how this generation is using social media and the Internet in different and creative ways. It also is a privilege to enrich campus life at our college community by bringing together not only the students, but also the faculty in a fun and collaborative manner.”

The “viral masterpiece” will be filmed by the SGA’s President Pro-Tempore Ian Bliss, while various students from the Dance Department and student organizations will be carrying out the choreography.

The CCM Lip-Dub is open to everyone on campus. There is no fee to participate, but you must sign up beforehand. If you do, on the day of the lip-dub you will receive a $5 gift card! To register, contact the SGA office at 973-328-5225, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/267360016654866/, or by email at sga@student.ccm.edu.