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Solar Panel Project and Parking Update

As of August 28, 2012

While significant progress has been made on the solar panel project this summer, all work will not be completed by the start of the Fall Semester. Every parking lot, however, will be opened. 

All campus parking spaces will be open in all lots Mondays through Thursdays throughout the Fall Semester with the possible exception of 10-12 spaces in Lot Six where an emergency repair to a stormwater line must be made.

The contractor for the project will be permitted to close certain lots on Saturdays and Sundays to complete the installation of the solar panels. Work on Fridays will be restricted to limited areas. The contractor’s work may continue in the lawn areas during the week but these areas also will be limited. All work areas, regardless of the day will be protected with fencing and will be monitored to ensure a safe environment is maintained. Work that occurs during weekends will be stopped and all parking spaces will be made available before 6 a.m. on Mondays.

The Morris County Improvement Authority is installing the solar panels as part of a renewable energy initiative involving a total of 14 schools and five county facilities. The panels at CCM are expected to meet up to 45 percent of the campus’s energy needs. The panels are being placed in Parking Lots 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 and on the rooftop of the Student Community Center.

As part of the project, parking Lots 2, 5 and 6 were completely repaved and new striping painted. The college also was able to pave parking Lot 9 during the summer. The ADA parking stalls in these lots were resized to improve access.

The solar panels have been installed with spaces between them to allow rain to drain through and to hold snow in place. As an extra safety precaution, snow guards will also be installed at the bottom edge of every canopy to keep snow in place. High efficiency LED lights have been installed under every canopy to ensure safe lighting levels at night. Tree planting will likely occur during the spring planting season.

If you have any questions regarding safety, please contact the Public Safety Department at ext. 5550.

If there are any changes to this schedule, updates will be provided.