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A Teacher with "Super Powers" at CCM

Newspaper Columnist Recalls the Impact of CCM Professor and Poet Sander Zulauf - Posted 4/5/13
"Something magical between teacher and student took place at County College of Morris,” says Gene Meyers, a graduate of County College of Morris (CCM) and writer of the The Joy of Life newspaper column. In a recent column titled “The true story of a teacher with super powers,” Myers describes the impact CCM Professor Sander Zulauf had on his own development as a writer.

“That first spark that Sandy fanned was the reason I became a writer, “says Meyers. “His words have kept the keys of my keyboard clicking for years.” Meyers graduated from CCM in 1993 with Associate in Arts Degree. To read the column, go to http://tinyurl.com/dynek2e/.