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CCM Celebrates Seniors 2014

September 19, 2014
CCM Celebrates Seniors 2014 will be held this year on September 19.   Please mark your calendars.   We hope you can still attend.  The day is filled with wonderful workshops for our active senior community.  It will again be sponsored by AAA.   In the meantime, please be sure to check out the offerings we have this spring semester for you. 
February will bring a new course: an Introduction to Basic Italian as well as Digital Photography.  
In March we present Seniors in the Kitchen cooking series and Mixed Level Yoga.  Please see our brochure online at www.ccm.edu/businesscommunity .
If you have attended Senior Day in the past 3 years you will be receiving an update in the mail and a registration form in August for the CCM Celebrates Seniors Event in September.