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College of Saint Elizabeth and CCM Develop Joint Communications Program

Providing an Affordable Pathway for Students Seeking a Bachelor’s Degree
Today college graduates across the United States are scratching their heads over the massive student loans they are struggling to pay off. As a result, many young people are worried about the cost of attending a four-year college or university as the word debt has become a concept all too familiar in an economy that has yet to recover. But there is hope for those who desire to go forward but are held back by financial limitations. Students interested in a communication or journalism degree can now receive their bachelor’s degree from the College of Saint Elizabeth (CSE) while completing their first three years at County College of Morris (CCM). The two Morris County colleges have come together to form a unique program called the CSE@CCM Communication Major.

The program is designed to make it more affordable for communication and journalism majors to earn a bachelor’s degree. Under the program, students who receive their associate’s degree in communication or journalism at CCM then can go on to earn their B.A. from CSE while still taking courses at CCM. Any student in communications or journalism at CCM can apply.

Jenna Spoko, a CCM student majoring in communications, is optimistic about the option of obtaining her B.A. through CSE@CCM.

“I think the program is an excellent opportunity for CCM students who are looking to receive a bachelor’s degree in communications. It’s easy and affordable, which most of our fellow peers are looking for,” says Spoko.

As many as 90 credits can be transferred to CSE from CCM starting with the Fall 2012 semester. After a student graduates from CCM with a 63-credit associate’s degree, he or she then is eligible to take 32 credits of CSE courses as well as 33 credits of CCM electives.

A 2.0 G.P.A. is the minimum requirement to apply. All CSE classes are at CSE prices; however, all CCM classes are at the CCM tuition rate. Anyone seeking financial aid will be assisted by CSE’s financial aid specialists.

The CSE@CCM Communication Major places significant emphasis on developing strong critical thinking, writing, interpersonal and presentation skills. Students also develop skills in visual communication techniques including still and video storytelling. An off-campus internship is also a requirement for the major. Those graduating with a B.A. in communication have numerous career paths open to them including public relations, copywriting, marketing, human resources and hospitality communications. For more information, contact Dr. Steven Koski, chair of the CSE Communication Department, at skoski@cse.edu.