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College for Kids and Teens Summer Programs at County College of Morris

Enriching and Affordable Learning Opportunities for Children, Pre-Teens and Teens
Studies show that students lose more than 60 percent of what they learned in school over the summer if they are not actively engaged in academic activities. County College of Morris (CCM) has the perfect solution. CCM’s College for Kids and Teens Summer Academy (July18 - August 12) offers students in grades 3 - 12 a variety of fun and enriching classes.

For Grades 3 - 8 offerings include weeklong, half-day three-hour program “Majors” or individual, hour-long sessions.

The Fine Arts Major is a great choice for those who enjoy learning about and creating art. Courses include a variety of styles and mediums. There are Green Art, Comic Art, and Masterpiece classes. If your child is looking for a creative week, this is the one.

The Liberal Arts Major is perfect for those who like a little sprinkling of everything academic. Your child can brush up on classroom skills and learn about new cultures and language, history, and writing. Public Speaking, Virtual Tours of Europe and Asia, and Creative Writing are just some of the offerings.

The Math and Science Major is for those interested in learning how things work. More than a program of worksheets, the major involves students in real-life scenarios. They can Learn How to be a Millionaire, use logic in a Minute to Win It, and explore space in Astronomy.

New this year, students in Grades 9 - 12 can select from among several career exploration programs during the week of August 8 - 12.

The Real World: Science and Technology course is designed to educate high school students about career choices in the fields of forensic, chemical, environmental and biomedical technology, while actively engaging them in the use of scientific instrumentation found in industry labs through a series of experiments. Staff scientists also will be available for career choice discussions.

The Fashion Merchandising course is for students interested in the field of fashion. This hands-on course will open the eyes of teenagers to the many career possibilities available in the field, from color specialist, to piece goods buyer, to fashion forecaster, to designer, to patternmaker, to production assistant, to name a few.

To see the list of course offerings for each week, visit www.ccm.edu/cfk and go to the section “Attention Parents” where you can link to a chart of all course offerings and times or download the program brochure. Registration is open at webadvisor.ccm.edu (follow the prompts for non-credit)