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Laura O'Reilly

Laura O'Reilly

Program: Nursing
Class of: 2010

Laura O’Reilly, nursing graduate Class of 2010, did not wait long after getting her degree from County College of Morris (CCM) to enter the publishing world.

Fresh off the presses last December, her first book, Get Fit to Go: Motivation to Exercise and Get Healthy!, represents the culmination of many years working in varying areas of healthcare.  She has worked as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, yoga instructor and newspaper health columnist.

"I went back to school so that once I got my nursing degree I could continue my wellness initiatives as a nurse," O’Reilly says.  The book sprang from four years of newspaper columns she wrote for the Daily Record.

"I had a client one day suggest that I should write an exercise manual," she says.  That idea stuck with her and she began a manuscript based on her columns.  When she entered nursing studies at CCM, however, she had to put her book aside.

"The nursing school was hard and I made a lot of sacrifices," O’Reilly says.  "I graduated, took my state board and walked away from CCM with a degree and an amazing education."

After graduation, she took five months to edit her manuscript and then sent it out to more than 100 publishers and agents.  Her nursing credentials, she says, helped with getting the book accepted for publication.

The book is a people-friendly, motivational guide to better diet and exercise for anyone who is ready to take a first step toward improved health and fitness.  It covers diet, exercise, self-esteem and much more.

"It’s about small changes that will lead to long-term health and wellness," she says."  Exercising for your health is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family."

Information about that book, as well as fitness tips, can be found at

"I genuinely care about people and I love what I do," O’Reilly says."  I think there’s a population out there who needs to get this information with the love and respect they deserve.My message is, ‘You can do this! You can succeed.’"