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Kelley Cresitello

Kelley Cresitello

Hometown: Long Valley
Major: Fine Arts
By Kelby Clark, Features Editor, The Youngtown Edition
Kelley Cresitello is a fun loving, hardworking team player, and that is exactly why she’s Phi Theta Kappa’s Alpha Kappa Kappa chapter’s “Member of the Month” for December 2013.

Cresitello was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa in the Spring of 2013. She has had a strong presence at a number of the chapter’s sponsored events and she regularly attends member meetings.

She enrolled in CCM as a fine arts major in hopes of lessening the amount of student loans she would have to borrow for her education; but, she is also using her the time at community college to sharpen her art skills and build a portfolio for acceptance into a four-year university.

As an aspiring artist, Cresitello has managed to incorporate her passion for fine arts into her involvement in Phi Theta Kappa.  She has created posters and props for many of the honor society’s events, notably S.T.E.M. Week.

“Phi Theta Kappa has really been wonderful for me. I have met so many fantastic people and learned so many brilliant things.” Cresitello said. “I have also learned how wonderful it is to give, to volunteer, and help those less fortunate than me. It really makes me feel fantastic to know that because of our volunteer work someone has food, or medicine, or the love and care that they truly need.”

Cresitello plans on pursuing a career in animation after graduating from a four-year university. She would like work for the Walt Disney Company and make movies that inspire children to pursue careers in the arts.

In her spare time, Cresitello enjoys reading dystopian fiction, playing video games, crafting, sewing and playing with her three shih tzus.
This Student Spotlight originally appeared in the January 22, 2014, edition of The Youngtown Edition, which can be found at