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Sheila Weinberger Barbach

Sheila Weinberger Barbach

Title: Adjunct Professor
Department: Biology

To Professor Sheila Barbach, biology is more than science; it’s an outlook on life.  From eating organic for better health to hiking or snowboarding to appreciate the natural world, biology is woven into her everyday life.

"I’ve always had an interest in the natural world," Barbach says.  "I like to figure out how things work.  I’m very analytical.If I’m sick, I want to know why.  I find the study of animals and plants quite fascinating.  I have a natural curiosity about the world around me and biology provides answers."

Barbach teaches Concepts in Biology and Human Biology to non-science majors, and General Biology and Microbiology to science majors.

Her two inspirations for pursuing science were her father and her high school biology teacher.  "My father has a biology and that was a big influence.  He was always showing us snakes in the back yard and talking about biology."

Now she has the opportunity to pass that love of science on to others.  "I like the person-to-person interaction of a classroom.  When students say to me, ‘I never liked science until this course,’ that means a lot to me."