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Professor Bonnie Murphy

Professor Bonnie Murphy

Title: Chairperson
Department: Information Technologies
"As with most professors who have enjoyed a long tenure at their teaching institutions, my teaching philosophy has changed, adapted, and been affected by time, technology, and current events. One thing remains constant, however, the sheer delight and satisfaction of witnessing the “aha” moment in students when they really grasp a concept, are successful at using a technique, or realize that yes, they can learn."

"The diversity at CCM makes each day and each class a new and challenging experience—remembering that one size doesn’t fit all and being sensitive to cultures, learning styles, and mores demands the community college professor be prepared and be current."

"CCM is a learning community with many wonderful family members and residents. After over 30 years, I still enjoy entering the campus from Dover-Chester Road to meet my classes and to participate in the life of the college."