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Academic Advisement

Summer Office Hours for Continuing/ Returning Students

Continuing/Returning Students in need of Academic Advisement during June, July and August should click on the respective divisional links below to see when an advisor from their major will be available for office hours.    It is advisable to call the department ahead of time to ensure that office hours have not changed since the posting of these calendars. 

Please note, that these office hours are for Continuing/Returning Students onlynew students seeking academic advisement, must sign up for an New Student Advisement and Registration (NSAR) session – information about NSAR is sent via email from the Admissions Office.  Please contact Admissions if you did not receive such an email.

Liberal Arts 

Business, Mathematics, Engineering and Technologies

Academic Advisors are available to help you select the courses that best support your educational and career goals as well as provide direction to the many resources and support services available at the college.

Each semester, full-time students pursuing a degree at CCM must see their Academic Advisor(s) to obtain advisement clearance in order to register for classes.
Contact Information:

E-mail: academicadvise@ccm.edu