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FOCUS Online Career Guidance


Career decisions dramatically impact your life. The path you choose will determine where you live, your income, how much time you spend at home, your travels, and how you spend your leisure time.  

FOCUS will help you make better decisions by giving you an accurate picture of your strengths, needs, and preferences; and will help you develop a sound career plan.


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NEW USERS:  You will be asked to register on your first visit by providing a CCM Access Code*, and then choosing a username and password that the system will remember for subsequent visits. You will also be asked to provide an e-mail address to which a registration confirmation will be sent.  Register Now

RETURNING USERS:  Two options:

  1. If you used this system before August 5, 2008, you need to re-register.  To import any data you saved from the previous version of FOCUS to this new version, follow the instructions at the top of the registration page.
  2. If your first time using this program was after August 5, 2008, you can click here to log back in.

*To obtain your Access Code call or visit one of the following campus locations: 

  • Counseling Services, Student Community Center, 118
  • Career Services, Cohen Hall, 203
  • EOF, Cohen Hall, 211

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